Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pre-K and Third Grade

Well, it happened! Both boys are now in the same school. Benjamin started Pre-K last week and LOVES it. Anthony is in the third grade and is changing classes for Social Studies, Reading, and Math.

I got this picture on Tuesday. It was the first time that Benjamin rode the bus to school, and he was a little nervous (and a LOT excited). As the bus approached our stop, Benjamin reached out for Anthony's hand, confident that it would be there. It was. Anthony grabbed Benjamin's hand and said, "I got you." I almost burst into tears.

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nana said...

I can so well hear Anthony, " I got you, buddy" .........

my eyes are tearing as I read, more for Anthony being the big brother .... he has grown up so much and fast as a loving big brother.. is it possible for Nana to keep loving these 2 little boys even more and more everyday ???????