Saturday, September 08, 2012

GoodNIGHT, Benjamin!

Bedtime with the boys has always been...elaborate, and sometimes filled with drama. Our typical night time routine includes one last sip of water, brushing of the teeth, going to the potty, reading a book, singing, snuggling with both parents, and one last big kiss. Also, we talk about their day, the stuffed animals talk to them and any burning questions they feel safe asking in the dark are asked.

Bedtime with Benjamin is filled with more drama than Anthony's ever were. He bargains for more books, more songs, more water, less help with teeth brushing, he needs cream put on his legs (you forgot the CREAM? SOB).

And elaborate? Oh, yes. He wants me to sing the first song, Leo to sing the second song, Baby Nemo (or Raffie, or Puppy, or Little Tiger, or Thomas, or Blankie) to sing the next one, and Penguin to sing the last one. He wants to try to tickle them while they sing, or pet them, or hug them, or kiss them - so that they will laugh or purr or snuggle and forget they're singing. And I realize that this is all our (OK, Mark, OK - MY) doing. I love to make his animals talk to him, and I love to hear him laugh. I can't help it.

But Tuesday night took the cake.

We started the bedtime routine around 7:30, which is a little earlier than usual. But since the boys had been off for a week due to Hurricane Isaac, we figured earlier bedtimes might be a good thing.

By 8:15, I was in Anthony's room reading to him, having finished up with Benjamin. Mark was laying with Benjamin and Anthony and I could hear them talking and laughing. By 8:30, Benjamin's door was closed and Anthony and I were finishing up the chapter in the book we're reading.

CREEEEE-AK! Benjamin's door opens. "I haveta go potty," he says. This is typical Benjamin. Even though he just went to the bathroom, he's going to claim a burning desire to potty again. He barely makes a tinkle, flushes, washes his hands (slooooooooooowly...) and walks back to bed. This, of course, requires me to tuck him back in, give him a ton of kisses, and tell him that I love him all the way to the moon and back. And I head back to Anthony's room.

CREEEEE-AK! Benjamin's door opens. "I have the hicc-dups," he says. He's making the most ridiculous fake hiccups I've ever heard. Mark shoos him back to bed, where he switches tactics and begins fake coughing. Clearly Mark does not fall for this trickery and Benjamin goes to bed thwarted.

CREEEEE-AK! Benjamin's door opens. I have JUST finished with Anthony. It's almost 9:00. Benjamin is SOBBING. Big, sad sobby tears. It takes about 5 minutes to get him to calm down enough for us to understand him. By this time, Anthony is awake and comes to see what the commotion is. "I MISS AUGUST! I DON'T WANT SEP-PEMBER! AUGUST IS MY FABORITE MONTH!" Mark and I are torn between laughter and murder. Laughter wins out (this time). Of course, he's crying so hard that he now legitimately has the hiccups.

We calm him down, get him a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny sip of water, and hustle him back to bed. I talk to him a little about how awesome September is (cooler weather! it's almost October! leaves start to change color!). Anthony gets led back to his bedroom, and all is quiet. Mark looks at me and blames me for Benjamin's drama. Let's be honest: he's right. Benjamin totally got his drama from his Mama.

CREEEEE-AK! Benjamin's door opens. "I haveta go potty!"

It was 9:30 before my children were nestled, all snug in their beds; with visions of a ballistic mother dancing in their heads.

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