Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things to Remember

Benjamin's day so far:

6:25 - wake up to a Valentine's present from Mommy and Daddy: my very! own! MnMs! dispenser! AND, Mommy let me have two! whole! MnMs! before breakfast!

7:00 - delicious breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and orange juice.

7:45 - splashing in mud and wet grass at the bus stop, and Mommy doesn't even get mad about that! Press my luck by doing it over and over again. Still good!

8:00 - second breakfast of grapes and milk.

8:30 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggles with Mommy!

8:55 - Mommy swings me around and around for our Mickey Mouse dance; woah, I'm dizzy!

9:00 - Mommy lets me help cut my lunch meat with a KNIFE!

9:05 - Mommy tells me not one, but TWO train stories on the way to school. I giggle and clap my hands in the back seat in excitement.

9:10 - Arrive at school to see a garbage truck just approaching the dumpster to empty it. Mommy and I watch. We hear all kinds of magnificent loud noises and BANGS and then the truck driver HONKS HIS HORN and waves at me.

9:11 - My life is complete.

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Stacy said...

And all of that by 911 am...