Monday, March 05, 2012

Things to Remember

Benjamin, who talks in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way, in the car dropping the words "dumpster" or "fire truck" into his sentences without pause whenever he sees one.

Anthony at swim practice, so graceful and smooth. On land, his movements are almost awkward and jerky. It's so fun to watch him move through the water, then jump out of the pool to dive in again.

Benjamin, pretending he's a wizard, brandishing his wand and shouting, "Expel-a-marmus!" and then telling us he's Harry Potter.

Anthony is learning to write in cursive. His handwriting is MUCH better in cursive than in print.

Benjamin, riding on his Tow Mater riding toy, with his Thomas the Train ride on toy hooked to the two on the back of Mater. Poor Thomas is always being towed to the shop to be fixed.

Anthony, excited about his (EIGHT YEAR!) transplant anniversary on Friday, wanting to see pictures of himself during that time, and wanting to hear the stories that go with the pictures.

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