Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back from Omaha

We had a wonderful trip to Omaha. I have so many pictures to share, but I'm WAY. TOO. TIRED. to do it now. Maybe tomorrow. No promises.

  • Anthony's check-up was wonderful. The team was so glad to see him so healthy and "full of energy".
  • There's a water park at the Holiday Inn where we stayed. Anthony wore himself out so much that the next morning he required a nap!
  • The reunion was so much fun. We met some families I had "met" online through Liver Families. It was great to put faces to names!
  • We spent yesterday afternoon with our favorite nurse from the pediatric floor. We did the zoo (some of it) and ate a PF Chang's. It was a great time!
Some things we shall never forget:
  • Check-in at F.O.U.R. We arrived at 11:00. What to do with a five-year old for five hours? Feed him. Water him. Let him play.
  • THAT. FLY.
  • Turn right to go left
  • The door that never would open
  • Noisy neighbors
  • The missing apartments
It's good to be home!

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