Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Omaha Bound!

And I don't mean LSU - although there are lots of LSU t-shirts heading there. :)

Anthony, my mom and I are leaving for Omaha tomorrow morning. The hospital where Anthony had his liver transplant (University of Nebraska Medical Center) hosts a post-transplant reunion every year and this year we decided we should go! Mark and Benjamin will hold down the fort in Baton Rouge while my mom and I have fun.

I can't wait for all of his former nurses (hi, Amanda!) to see him, and to visit with all of the friends we have made over the years.

Patsy, you'd be proud: I'm heading up, fully packed in one suitcase (Anthony and my stuff combined), complete with Community Coffee and filters (the hotel has a coffee pot). I packed us to the hilt, and managed to fit it all in one (very large) suitcase. :) Wish you could be with us!

I'm sure I'll have pictures to post and news to report as the weekend progresses. We'll return home on Sunday!

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Reyne B said...

I'm sure your emotions will be running on overdrive on this trip. Your buttons will be popping with pride when they see how healthy Anthony is today. He will be such an inspiration for all the health care professionals to continue to do such good work. It is so nice you are going to this year's reunion.