Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend in Atlanta

This past weekend Mark, Anthony and I traveled to Atlanta, GA for a fun weekend. Anthony had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my sister, Kristen (known as Kri Kri to her nephews). They went to the Atlanta Aquarium and Zoo, ate at Willy's, colored, and watched movies. I think Kri Kri might be pooped! Anthony was SO ready for bed this evening. All he has been able to talk about in the past week was getting to "live" with HIS Kri Kri for TWO WHOLE DAYS. And, of course, on the ride home today all he could talk about was their weekend together. He described in detail the sharks and animals they saw, he talked about his food at Willy's, and how they watched ALL of Wall-E. I'm so glad they both had this time together, and I hope they can do it again.

Mark and I were in Atlanta to attend the wedding of Mark's college roommate, Chris. The wedding was beautiful (so was the bride!), and we really had a great time. We made new friends, danced, laughed and enjoyed an adult weekend.

We went to the dinner gathering the night before the wedding.

Mark was in the wedding. He looked GREAT in his tuxedo.

Alissa and Chris

Me, Alissa, Chris and Mark

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Kela said...

Soooo nice to see y'all while you were in town!
(Can you see the sarcasm oozing from your screen?)