Sunday, February 01, 2009

Things to Remember

Benjamin's left foot pumping up and down, up and down, while taking his bottle. He just can't seem to keep that foot still while he's drinking. The right foot rarely moves, but that left just keeps pumping!

Anthony, when Ben burps, "Ooooh! GOOD ONE!" and when Ben toots, "Excuse you, brother!"

Ben smiley, giggly, happy - rarely fussy about anything except not being able to SEE you, Mama! He has got to be the easiest baby in the world.

Anthony still so interested in school. Loving to go each day, wondering what their new letter will be for the week, deciding what picture depicting the letter of the week he should bring on Fridays.

Ben not wanting baby food. Give him muffins, eggs, crackers, mac n cheese...but make sure it's PEOPLE food not BABY food. (This is pediatrician approved, folks)

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Anonymous said...

Love those little boys and their parents! Gram Speyrer