Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Pictures and More

Anthony's class Halloween party; wearing the spider hat he made:

Ben happy in his Exersaucer before Trick or Treat:

Cutest little monkey ever!

Diego and Monkey ready for Trick or Treating

So tired, Mommy!

Diego, Nana and her little monkey:

After his last soccer game today, with the trophy ("Mama, I'm going to sleep with my trophy tonight. I LOVE my trophy."):

First time in his swing at Nana's:

My two sweetest boys


Just Me said...

Aww, so cute! Diego and the little monkey are adorable! (I dressed like Dora last year...I guess I was a year off!) Glad you had a fun Halloween. Great pictures :o)

Take care.

ATs said...

Cute pics! I think Ben looks like your dady Laurie. Miss you!

Just Me said...

Feeling a little "rebellious" tonight...just wanted to say I love what you write in your NEXT put into words some of what I was feeling about the whole thing...

Hope you are doing well!
Take care,

Renee said...

I could eat that monkey!