Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Halloween Pics!

Mimi came over tonight, and we carved pumpkins! Usually, we choose patterns from the millions of books I have. This year, Mimi decided to do something different, and free-handed hers. I have to say, it turned out AWESOME. I, of course, am not creative in the least and had to stick to a pattern. Whee.

Anthony does not love sticking his hand in a pumpkin ("I don't like to get it MUSHY, Mommy!") and so we had a different way for him to do his pumpkin. My friend, Jennifer, bought a box of eyes, noses, and mouths that you use to decorate a pumpkin with. He loved this, and decided to decorate three sides of his pumpkin.

I'll have more pics of the kids in their costumes after Friday! Anthony's cousin, Haileigh, is coming to Trick or Treat on Friday with Anthony, too! I have Silly String and glow sticks for the kids - I'm sure they'll have lots of fun.

Enjoy the pictures!

Both pumpkins; can you guess which is which?

Mimi's pumpkin:

My pumpkin:

Anthony's pig face pumpkin (Side One):

Anthony's dog face pumpkin (Side Two):

Anthony's bear face pumpkin (Side Three):

Anthony dressed as Diego:


ATs said...

Cool pumpkins...I have to admit, Mimi's is pretty cool! I like yours too, though, Laurie. ;)

Emilie said...

I posted our pics on Murphy, Sam and Jodi's website too! It was fun :o)