Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ben Eats

I'm all for not feeding babies "real" food until they let you know they're ready. To me that means that if the baby is sleeping through the night consistently, leave him the hell alone. But if he begins waking for a bottle AFTER sleeping through the night consistently, it may be time to reevaluate the game plan.

Soooo...for the past seven nights, Benjamin has started waking for a bottle about 5 hours after his last feeding.

This morning, we tried a bit of rice cereal mixed with a lot of formula. So basically, he got slightly thicker formula on a spoon. :)

At first he was pretty unsure of what was going on. His face was hilarious! But by the fourth or fifth spoonful, he was opening his mouth when he saw the spoon and swallowing the cereal like a champ!

I think we'll start feeding him the cereal with his second-to-last bottle of the evening and see if that can hold him overnight.

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ATs said...

That's an Anthony face he's making in the first picture! Too cute. :)