Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're Still Here!

Yes, we're still here...we're still alive. We've been unbelievably busy - but with not anything important.

Who knew having two kids, plus full-time jobs could take up so much time?

Anthony turns five in four days; Ben turns five-months in four days. We'll celebrate Anthony's birthday on Saturday with his friends at Bouncing Tigers, an indoor inflatable play place. That seems to be the popular pick for the pre-K crowd; and it's CERTAINLY better than trying to entertain a bunch of five-year olds at my house! :)

Next Wednesday Anthony will have two baby teeth pulled to make room for the adult teeth and he will have another crown placed on yet another of his baby molars. I know that it's the medicines he took as a baby that caused the "enamel insufficiency" on his teeth, but it's hard not to take it personally. I feel like I've failed him somehow, even though we're diligent about brushing twice a day.

The dentist has suggested we begin flossing Anthony's teeth, too. Anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish that? Yikes!

Stay tuned for birthday and five-month pictures!


Bonnie said...

We buy kids flossers something like this. It's much better than trying to get your hands in their mouth with regular floss. You can find them pretty much everywhere, with the toothbrushes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Aly has enamel insufficiency as well and our dentist said it could have been caused by the liver failure itself. Her failure occurred during the time that enamel was forming and that is probably the reason. She said that all the antibiotics kids take now, do not cause their teeth to be brown. The antibiotics used years ago caused this but that is no longer the problem. I hope Anthony's teeth survive childhood. Aly's teeth are hanging on by a thread! Good luck to you!

Jennifer Pianalto
Aly, Madi, and Pat

Anonymous said...

Similar to the first comment, but my kids use Oral-B Dino flossers. They are sold in any of the food stores and Anthony might really enjoy them...they are in the shape of all different dinos!!!!