Saturday, October 25, 2008


Even though Ben has ear infections (left much worse than the right), he's still a happy baby. The pediatrician was amazed that Ben wasn't screaming in pain. He's had a fever since Wednesday, though, so we took him back to the pediatrician this morning. Poor Ben got a shot of Rocephin (a big gun antibiotic), and may have to get another tomorrow. If he has fever through the night, he'll certainly get another shot.

Ear infections notwithstanding, Ben has still kept his social calendar full. Friday, my dad, Mark, Ben and I enjoyed lunch at our favorite hamburger joint, and Ben decided it was time to try a burger. OK, not really - but the pictures are pretty cute! If I didn't know for sure that Mark had eaten the other half of that burger, I'd think it was stored in Ben's cheeks!!

Today was a little more low-key, but he still visited with Nana and Grandpa, and two of his cousins. I'll post more pics later - Anthony went to the State Fair today with Elise and Emile (Mark's cousin's children); he also saw his cousin Haileigh there, too! I know Grandpa got a "few" good shots!

Tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon with my grandmother - Maw Maw Peck.

In the midst of all the activities this weekend, Benjamin has not only learned to roll from his back to his stomach, but also from his stomach to his back!

Pics of the State Fair later!


ATs said...

Love those chipmunk cheeks!

Kaitlyn Meyers said...

Hey Laurie,
He is so precious! And best burgers ever btw!! I'm at Tulane now but over Christmas you need to bring Ben, Anthony and Mrs. Margaret over to my parents house. I'm sure my Mom would love to see little Ben too! Glad everything is going well.

mia's mommy said...

get in my belly!!!

Renee said...

I'd like to eat Ben and the burger!