Thursday, August 14, 2008

Under Construction

Simple Joys in Life is currently under construction...please check back often to see the new changes being made!

Please excuse our mess as we make this site more visually appealing!

Laurie is open to suggestions on how to make her blog better. If the text is hard to read or the background is making your eyes bleed, please leave a comment! Or, if you LOVE this new design leave a comment, too!


Just Me said...

When you said you were updating your look, I didn't realize you meant TODAY! The background is pretty crazy, but I think that the rest of the page is set up to where it isn't overwhelming or distracting from the important stuff. I do like the dots background maybe a little better than the stripes, but the colors are really good. Of course, I know nothing about design or colors or organization or anything like that, but you did ask :o)

Good luck with the construction project!

Lacey said...

I like the new background...very cute!

Stacy said...

So...when you get this blog thing figured out, are you going to pretty up mine next?