Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Losing It

Anthony has a loose tooth. Like - time for the Tooth Fairy loose tooth. I'm not ready for this. I mean, I am - 2 quarters and a sheet of Wall-E stickers; I just am not ready to take this next step into "Little Boy" and away from "Toddler".

And: Is 2 quarters and a sheet of stickers cheap?


lizzardpaint said...

Yes! Give him a a silver dollar

Childsplayx2 said...

Totally cheap. The going rate is at least a buck.

Inflation, you know.

Lacey said...

Yea, I agree...that is kind of cheap. ;)

Renee said...

A loose tooth already? My kids didn't lose teeth until 1st grade! I think he'll love 2 quarters and stickers.