Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things to Remember

Anthony hopping out of the car, grabbing his teacher's hand and waving goodbye to me on Thursday - never looking back, so sure of himself and excited to be going to school.

Crying - harder than I thought I would - over my baby heading off to "Big Boy School", and realizing that life is NORMAL. What a glorious word.

Anthony enjoying the Balloon Festival this weekend. Talking about the balloons, and remembering their names and descriptions.

Mark holding Anthony at the Festival this morning while they watched a balloon land and deflate just feet from where we were sitting. Their heads were close, almost touching, and their profiles were almost identical.

Anthony touching Benjamin's cheek in Mass this morning and Ben breaking out into a big smile. Anthony thought that was just the coolest thing, and so kept touching Ben's face trying to make him smile.

My dad's big hand covering Ben's stomach while Ben slept this morning. If my dad so much as moved his hand away from Ben's stomach, Ben would wake up and start fussing.

Ben smiling for us - anyone he recognizes can get him to smile, and often. I think he melted his grandmothers' hearts a million times this weekend, but most importantly, he spontaneously smiled at my grandmother this afternoon and I thought she was going to turn into a puddle on the spot!


Renee said...

Aww, it's so great you're writing these things down to remember.

Just Me said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog's "new look". She did SUCH a great job! My friend used this site to change her background and said it was pretty easy (and free)-- I'm excited to see what you decide to do with yours :o)

So glad you are doing well and making beautiful memories (and writing them down!)
Take care,