Saturday, August 09, 2008

Balloon Festival 2008

We went to the Balloon Festival yesterday. They have a great Children's Village with all kinds of fun things: inflatables to slide and jump on, water balloon toss, candy throw (out of an air gun!), pony rides and some fun things from the zoo (snake, bones, skull, skins...).

We're going back this afternoon and this evening to enjoy more of the festivities. We went this morning to the balloon toss competition where the hot air balloons fly over a target on a large field and drop markers onto the target to gain points. There will be another competition tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the pictures!

The balloon masters also did a balloon glow once the sun set last night. It was really beautiful! We have some videos, and once I figure out how to post them, I'll put a couple up here for you to see.

Mark and Anthony enjoyed the fireworks display (we all did), and Benjamin slept through every Boom! and Blast!

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Anonymous said...

Mark & Laurie: The pictures are lovely and I know all had a good time, but I am waiting to hear about Anthony's first day of school. Love, Gram