Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I MUST be Crazy

Anthony, Benjamin and I went to the zoo today. It was H.O.T. But really - not unbearable. Anthony and I each had a water bottle, and Ben slept the whole time in the stroller. I checked him a million times, and he never was sweaty. There was a breeze in the shade, so we tried to walk under the trees as much as possible.

Last week I bought a "Sit and Stand" stroller. It was the best purchase I've made lately. When Anthony got tired of walking, he was able to sit on the bench on the stroller, and it wasn't hard to push them both. That stroller rides like a DREAM! I just wish they had a place for Mommy to sit...

I took a few pictures of our adventure. We're a little hot and sweaty looking, but we really did have a blast.

Anthony and Benjamin near the giraffe exhibit. Ben was less than impressed, it seems.

We watched this giraffe go from standing to sitting. That was the most awkward thing I have seen! It took him at least a minute to get his legs in position, then folded under him, and then he just kind of flopped to the ground. I love the giraffes, though - they're so gorgeous!

We ate some lunch at the zoo, saw the bears, and decided to head to the Entrance to ride the train. Anthony posed for me: "I'm just chillin', Mom!"

Ben's still not impressed. Not even the train's whistle woke him!

Still waiting for the train. I'm looking smashing, huh??

Finally, we're on the train, and guess who woke up?


Stacy said...

I love the picture of the three of you - how Anthony's looking at Benjamin while you are taking the picture. Very sweet!

Renee said...

You are a GREAT mom, and brave too.