Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Friends

I'm going to shamelessly ask for prayers. Not for me (although if you want to slip in a little one for me, I'm OK with that). But for my friends. I've blogged here about Lisa and Stacy. We've met in person once, on a girls' weekend trip to Tampa. They are my fellow "Liver Moms", and they are two of my closest friends.

Aiden is one of the most adorable kids I know. He's always so full of life and energy. Lisa blogs pictures of him swimming, playing t-ball, fishing - this kid is on the go. He's also pretty sick. He has been diagnosed with Biliary Atresia and underwent a liver transplant, Eosinophilig Gastroenteritis, life-threatening food allergies, and Dysautonomia. Lisa has a great explanation of all of this on her website. Aiden is having a port placed next week, so that treatment for his dysautonomia can begin. But he is on a large dose of steroids to help get his eosinophilic gastroenteritis under control, and so this surgery isn't going to be "simple".

Next up is Tanner, Stacy's son. He is part of a set - his twin sister Morgan and he keep Stacy and her husband, Randy, on their toes. When you check out their site, you'll usually see pictures of Tanner and Morgan at a park, riding their bikes, playing with "silly hats" with Grandma Crazy Woman. Tanner also had Biliary Atresia and liver transplant. Oh, and food allergies. And now, he's just been diagnosed with a pineal gland cyst. This was just recently diagnosed (this week!) so they don't know much about the treatment options yet. It'll most likely have to be removed, though, and since the pineal gland is literally in the center of the brain - well, this is going to be major stuff.

So I'm asking you to pray for these two kids, and their families. Lisa and Stacy have been my rocks through some tough times - it's my turn, and I hope I can stand as straight and tall for them as they have for me.

If you'd leave a comment on their websites, letting them know you're praying or sending good thoughts, I'd appreciate it. Knowing you have the prayers of so many people really helps during times like these.



Just Me said...

Sending prayers to them, and to you.

Take care,

Lisa and Aiden said...

this made me cry.... thanks sweetie. Hugs for stacy right now. XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

I'm off to their websites to let them know they've been added to my daily prayer list. Reyne

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for Lisa and Stacy and their little ones. I pray for them daily and want them to know Anthony's great grandma Betty loves them although I've never met them. Love to all of you! Great Grandma Betty.