Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ten to One

Ten Ways a Health Baby is Easier than a "Medically Complicated" Baby:

1. No NG tubes.
2. No central lines.
3. No ignorant people telling you, "Hey, did you know your baby is jaundiced?" when he's clearly being cared for medically.
4. Waking up two to three times a night to nurse instead of two to three times a night to unclog a feeding pump.
5. Changing a diaper at each nursing instead of changing the entire bedding because of a diaper blowout or a leaking feeding pump.
6. Sleeping in your own bed instead of on an air mattress in a hospital room.
7. Living at home with your family instead of living 1400 miles from home.
8. Not having to wonder if anyone in your family is going to be a suitable match to donate a piece of their liver to your child.
9. Poly-vi-sol is the only "medicine" you have to get into your child.
10. Begging the baby to please stop nursing already instead of "Please, God. Let him take one whole ounce of formula!"

One Way a "Medically Complicated" Baby is Easier than a Healthy Baby:
1. You have an entire medical team at your disposal to assist you in raising your baby. Diaper changes, feedings, medicines - they'll do it if you just can't do it another minute.

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Andree' said...

I can tell you've counted your blessings sweetie - enjoy your boys. Love, Andree'