Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Sticker for my Shirt, Please?

Two posts in one evening about my cranky pregnant ravings. Aren't you just a lucky little internet? :)


This sticker should say:

I have SIX WEEKS until the baby is due.
It is a boy.
I have one other child. He is a boy.

Oh, and then maybe another sticker that says:

I have SIX WEEKS until the baby is due.
Yes, I realize it's not likely that I'll make another six weeks.
Why, yes, I HAVE just expanded!!! (said with many exclamation points and awe in one's voice)
Of course being told how big I am doesn't get old.
I am constantly wishing someone would tell me how I've have just expanded!!! (again with the exclamation points and awe)
Thanks for pointing out that I'm likely to have stretch marks because I have just expanded!!! (see lines three and five for the exclamation and awe crap)

Or perhaps just one last one that says:

I realize my ankles are swollen.
We pregnant ladies love when you refer to them as cankles.
That makes us feel sexy and desirable.
Oh, my hands are swollen, too?
Could that be why my wedding rings are on the necklace I'm wearing?
Yes, my blood pressure is slightly elevated...but there is no protein in my urine.
Of course this conversation isn't tedious!

Ahem. Please excuse the pregnant cranky rantings. I have 45 more days, and it's killing me.


Anonymous said...

Laurie I'm sure you look beautiful and it is the baby that's growing not you. Soon you will be able to hold that sweet baby in your arms. Enjoy being a mommy to just Anthony for a little while longer. Take care of yourself and elevate those ankles every chance you get. Reyne

Anonymous said...

Aaahh the last two months. It's all coming back to me now. I feel your pain.