Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morning Sickness

My morning sickness has come back. I have been sick the past five mornings - and I'm tired of it! Not only has the morning sickness come back, but the nosebleeds that I thought were slowing came back, too. I guess the pressure in my head while I'm heaving (too much information, I know!) creates pressure on the vessels in my nose, and so I have a nosebleed. Can I just tell you how FUN that is?

While I'm logging complaints, my hands are swollen. So swollen that they always feel tingly, like they're "asleep". It took almost 30 minutes to get my wedding rings off of my finger the other day, and I thought I had broken my finger in the process.

And while I'm speaking of swelling - do you know how absolutely disgusting "cankles" look? (Cankle (noun): the combination of ones calf and ankle as a result of edema) My damn CROCS don't even fit right now! A large, mainly shapeless shoe and it's too small? Jeez.

If ONE MORE PERSON tells me how big I am, I swear I will deck them. You think I'm joking? Be that person. Try me.

I love feeling the baby's kicks and movements; I do not love when he tries to move out of the way of the Braxton Hicks contractions. My uterus is contracting, and he's trying to avoid it; meanwhile, I'm in pain!

OK. Enough complaining. Really, this pregnancy is at the end, and I'm supposed to be cranky and uncomfortable. No one said bearing a child was easy!

SIX WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!


Laurie said...

Many, many HUGS to you here Laurie. It is almost over, not soon enough for you right now, I am sure. And just when you can't face another puking morning and "expanding", you will be holding this little boy and loving every inch of him. These last weeks are SO TRYING on the nerves. I remember wanting to "deck" everyone. Especially the trash truck drivers who would honk and whistle at me on my morning walks to the store. What were they thinking? I don't even want to know. I just flipped them off. I do hope this morning sickness goes away for you. Enough is enough. You taught me a new word today, "cankle". It's the first time I have heard of this "look".:) Take care mom, he is almost here.

Laurie in Ca.

emilie said...

Dear sister. You are really helping my cause of NEVER HAVING CHILDREN. :o)