Monday, May 26, 2008

First of the Season

I stopped at the store today and bought a cheapie little pool for the backyard. I get a $10 pool every summer and toss it at the end of the season. Usually by that time, there's a hole or twelve in the pool, and it's time for it to go anyway!

Anthony had a blast. And, I'm the coolest mom ever (for now) since I got a Lightning McQueen pool. Am I awesome, or what?






Renee said...

That looks like my fun. I guess there's no room for me in that pool!

Lacey said...

Hi, love ya. I'm in Louisiana for the week.

Andree said...

Summer is here - love it! Give a kid a hose and water and watch the fun begin.

Just Me said...

Hello to you too! That does look like fun!