Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funny is NOT...

having to go to the bathroom SO BADLY that you run (er, waddle quickly) to the bathroom at work, only to find both stalls occupied. So you wait in the break room for your turn, the entire time trying NOT to think about how much you have to pee.

Finally! A stall is empty. You rush into it, all the while ripping at the bow on your scrub pants - only to realize that you must have pulled at it wrong, because now you have a double knot on the string.

Frantically you pull at the knot thereby making it tighter (apparently you have lost the ability to think clearly at this point). You fumble with the knot, cursing yourself under your breath. Now the person in the other stall thinks you're crazy.

You keep trying to undo the knot, chanting "I will not pee on myself, I will not pee on myself". Just as you begin to contemplate going back to the break room to get a pair of scissors to CUT THE DAMN PANTS OFF, you manage to undo the knot.



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Laurie said...

I am not laughing, I promise, but it did bring a smile to my face. It brings back many "fond memories". You are so ready to meet this little boy and it won't be too much longer now.
Anything involving water made my bladder need to go NOW. Things like doing dishes, shower, laundry, just the sound of water. It feels like torture doesn't it? It is!! Love the pictures of Anthony in his pool.
You ARE the coolest mom, it is all over his face. Have a great day and pee, even if you don't feel you need to.:)

Laurie in Ca.