Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anthony in the Hospital

Anthony has a suspected case of Chicken Pox. In a "normal" kid, this would mean that all of the neighborhood kids would come over to play. In an immuno-suppressed kid (even one as slightly suppressed as Anthony is), this means anti-viral medication. His liver transplant team felt it best that Anthony be admitted for observation and IV treatment. He will be on the IV treatment for seven days, but we were told that we may be able to go home if he responds well to treatment over the next couple of days and do the treatments at home.

Anthony was a ROCK STAR while getting his IV. The Child Life specialist came in before they did the IV, and Anthony got to start an IV on George. When the nurses came in to do his IV, he held out his left hand and just kept reading the book the Child Life specialist and I were using to distract him. He cried about 2 whole tears when they started the IV and then he was done. The IV has been decorated with a Lightning McQueen sticker already, and Anthony is SO PROUD of his IV. Oh, and he got a Diego toy out of the deal, too, for being such a good boy getting his IV started.

Anthony has totally charmed all of his nurses so far. They keep coming back to show other nurses "adorable Anthony in room ####". He smiles at them and talks to them...and they just fall in love. God help us when this kid gets older.

Mark is bringing the camera with him when he comes back to the hospital, so I'll update with pictures when he gets here.

Pictures later.


Lisa and Aiden said...

Laurie we are praying! Anthony you are a ROCK STAR! we love you guys XOXOXO

Laurie Johansen said...
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Laurie Johansen said...

When I had chicken pox at age 7 it was fun because I stayed home and missed school. But to have chicken pox and be in the hospital..where is the fun in that.

Anthony you get better soon...You Rock, big boy!

Aimee said...

Oh wow. Get better soon Anthony. Take care Laurie and Mark.

Reyne said...

Who would think chicken pox would land you in the hospital? Hope everything turns out for the best and you can get home soon.

Lacey said...

Aww...poor Anthony! Why didn't you call me and tell me girl?! Hope he gets better soon.