Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Life is very boring here lately. My strep was knocked out by the antibiotics, but I have hung on to a nasty cough for two weeks. Anthony's got one, too, so we sound like a pair of frogs or something when we cough. And, of course, when Mommy coughs, Anthony coughs.

We're going shopping for Anthony's Halloween costume tonight. He claims he wants to be a pumpkin, but when faced with all of the choices he'll have, I wonder if he'll change his mind.

A tech at the hospital has been letting me practice phlebotomy on him, and I've managed to stick him quite a few times without missing. Yesterday was the first time I missed, and it was because he had me use a butterfly needle and stick him in his hand. IN. HIS. HAND. I was a little nervous, considering all the bones that are in the hand, but I got him on the second try, and it wasn't that difficult. Not something I want to try on the average Joe Blow, but this tech is a really great teacher, and doesn't make me nervous.

And that's it. That's my news. Boring, eh?


Anonymous said...

Laurie: Hope you and the little guy are better. I, too, have some kind of "crud" in my sinuses and a little bronchitis but am better today. I go tomorrow for a CT Scan on my bladder, fasting. I hope I survive as I eat early. Love, Gram

Anonymous said...


Jen perfers to be stuck in her hands for labs. She says it's less painful. Looks more painful to me tho.

Karen - Jen & Jon's mom