Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blessed Silence

The scene:

Maw Maw Peck, Maw Maw, Anthony and I are in the den at our house, discussing what we're going to do for dinner (read: what we're going to order).

Anthony: I want macaroni!

Me: We're having macaroni for lunch tomorrow.


Me: Mommy's going to need your help tomorrow to make the macaroni, OK?

Anthony (stomping off towards his room): I'm going into my room!

Anthony (at the door to his room): I'm not talking to you!

SLAM! The door is closed.

Silence in the den. Then quiet laughter.


The silent treatment lasted about 3 minutes. It was blessed while it lasted.


In other news, Anthony had a fever Monday and Tuesday, which earned him a couple of days at Spa Nana. He returned to school on Thursday, which is when I became sick. A trip to my doctor proved that I have Strep throat. Hopefully 10 days of Amoxicillin will cure me. If Anthony had strep, he spontaneously got over it. Yes. My immunosuppressed child kicked some Group A strep butt, and I can't. Hmph. OK. Not that I want Anthony to be sick, and not me...but can ANYONE explain that to me???


In more news, our microwave bit the dust yesterday, and we had to buy a new one. Who knew that microwave/oven vent combos were so damned expensive? OUCH. Ah, well. My new microwave is all shiny and pretty and bloody. Wait. Whaaaaa? Well, Mark sliced his finger open while he and my dad were installing the new microwave. He was probably centimeters away from needing stitches, and he was none too happy with me when I suggested he put a little rubbing alcohol on the cut. I didn't have any hydrogen peroxide, and I wanted the cut disinfected. I've never seen Mark go from so white to so red to so white in the face! The thumb is wrapped well, thanks to my MAD skillz as a trauma nurse (haha). It's going to scar, but it will heal without stitches. I give team Mark-PawPaw an A+ on their project.


Grandpa came back from his three-week stay in India today. We'll see him, Nana, and Parrain for lunch tomorrow. Anthony has talked of little else today. He's READY to see his Grandpa.


Lacey said...

haha...I love comments too. Anthony's funny. Sorry to hear about Mark's finger...also sorry to hear you didn't have any H2O2. I tried to call you the other day butthead. How's school going? You having lots of work? Steve wants you to email him the original size pictures of the tiger-the pics are so good! His email is Anywho, love ya!

Stacy said...

Morgan tells me "I'm going to pout!"

Don't you just LOVE three? Multiply yours by 2 - and then you can experience my life.


Sarah said...

Attitude starts a little earlier than I would like it to.

Sometimes you can't help bu tlaugh though.

Renee said...

We love the silent treatment, don't we?
Your Mark-microwave story made me feel weak just reading it!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by 'blessed silence. I had six, and four of them were boys. Sheesh! I hope the little guy is over his fever.
Love, Gram