Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trying to Keep Up, Part Four

In the car, on the way to my doctor's office this morning:

Mommy, I don't sit in the front yet. Only e-dults, I mean A-dults, sit in the front. I'm not big enough. But I'm getting there.

I think Maw Maw is asking, "Where's that boy?" It's been a long time since she sawed me. All the adults are asking, "Where's that boy?" They all love me.

I don't like broccoli, Mommy. You like broccoli, but not me. Not me and Daddy. Nuh-uh. Broccolis aren't trees, Mommy. You don't eat trees! EEEEEEW!

When your teeth need to be really clean, then you go to the dentist. When your teeth get too old, the dentist can get you some new ones. My teeth aren't old, Mommy. My teeth are children age. Your's are A-dult age. Do you need new teeth, Mommy?

I'm getting taller. But when I get taller, I won't be a giraffe. I'll just be a tall Anthony. I'm not taller yet. But I'm getting there.

Oh, look! An animal cloud! AN ANIMAL CLOUD, MOMMY! It's a hippo, Mommy! A HIPPO. LOOK! Wow. WOW! It's so big! And cloudy!

At school, when I'm taller, I'm going to buh-tend that I am a monster and scare my friends! But if they get too scared, I'll just tell them it's me. Then they won't be scared! Because it will just be me buh-tending to be a big Anthony monster.

I'm not taller, but I'm getting there.

Is this the doctor's office, Mommy? Are you sick, Mommy? Do you feel OK? Don't be sick, Mommy. Why are you putting that envelope in that blue box? Why do you have to mail that envelope? This isn't the doctor's office?

Woah! That's a big truck, Mommy! Why are there leaves in the back of that truck, Mommy? The leaves look like they're dancing, Mommy! But leaves don't dance. I dance. Like this! La-lalalala-la!

There's the fruit store! Where you buy bee-nanas, Mommy! Can we get some bee-nanas, Mommy? I like bee-nanas. Do you like bee-nanas, Mommy? Nana likes bee-nanas. Nana bee-nana. I'm silly, Mommy!

How many gummies are at our house, Mommy? I finished the gummies yesterday. Are there more gummies, Mommy? You'll have to go to the store and get more gummies. I like gummies. Do you like gummies, Mommy? I like gummies.

I'm not taller, but I'm getting there.


Amy D said...

Laurie! This is hilarious! I was lol so many times just reading through! Reminds me a lot of Dale. Gotta love those motor-mouth boys! :)

Anonymous said...

WHEW! What a guy!

Love, Gram