Monday, August 20, 2007

Things to Remember

Anthony insisting on wearing his slippers to sleep at night, no matter that it is 7 million degrees outside. I'm going to have to find bigger slippers soon. Must not forget.

Anthony wanting to know why God has to make his brother or sister (who is not even yet conceived) and why he can't have him/her right now.

Anthony, when asked how something works, saying, "Oh! Actually, you just have to do it like..." and then going into an elaborate explanation that may or may not have anything to do with what he was asked.

Anthony wanting to give a picture of himself to Grandpa, who left yesterday for India for 21 days, so "He won't forget me." Je-sus. This kid is killing me.


School is back in session for the fall semester. This is my LAST semester! Graduation is December 18, and I will be able to take my Medical Technologist certification exam soon after. Hopefully I will be able to start work as a Med Tech in the New Year.


Renee said...

Aw, 'so he won't forget me'. that would have broken my heart. Little sweet boy. And you're almost finished already?! Wow, that flew by for me! Congrats.

Lacey said...

I'm assuming you don't have anything to tell me about Sunday cuz I just know you woulda called by now... =) And can you believe, one more semester for both of us!! Yay! Love ya!

mia's mommy said...

i can't wait for your graduation. I'll be the annoying one screaming my head for you when they call your name!