Thursday, August 23, 2007

The "I Love Mommy" Song

To be sung in a slightly monotone, high pitched voice, with no regard to cadence.

"George and everything;
The rainbows and the rain;
The beach and the ocean...
It's so beautiful.
I love Mommy!"

On the way to school this morning:

Mommy, why does Grandpa have to go work in India for three weeks? Why can't he work in Baton Rouge? I don't think Nana likes Grandpa going to India. I think she likes him to work in Baton Rouge. Tell Grandpa to come home!

Anthony has his routine labs on Monday. I wonder when he'll start to really fight me about this. He cries when it's time to have his blood drawn, but as long as we're not sitting in the phlebotomy chair, he's fine.

I start a new rotation on Monday, for one week. Then it's off to Blood Banking! I'm really excited about that rotation. I really enjoyed the class, so I'm hoping I'll like the practice as much!


Lacey said...

Cute mommy song...good luck with the new rotation. Love ya, muah!

Sarah said...

Anthony sure comes up with cute things!

Good luck with the blood draw, and with your rotation!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! And good luck!
I'm sure you've heard about Anthony's new little cousin--all of 3 lbs, 6oz. He needs our prayers. Love, Gram