Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trying to Keep Up, Part Two

In the car on the way home from day care today:

Mommy, why do we have to go get new makeup for you? I need makeup. NO! Boys don't wear makeup. I'm silly, Mommy.

Mommy, why are you listening to this song? Do you like this song, Mommy? It's a bouncy song, Mommy.

My house is close to day care. But Uncle Paul's house isn't. His house is in Dallas. That's where Aunt Stephanie and Buster and Abby are, Mommy. It's far away.

When you're in Dallas, if you bring your swimsuit, you can swim in Uncle Paul's pool. But not when the vacuum cleaner is in the pool. You have to wait for Uncle Paul to take it out, or it will shower you.

In Dallas, there's a yellow butterfly. It lands on your swimsuit. It landed on Kri Kri once, too!

Kri Kri only flies to Dallas. She doesn't drive. She flies in her plane. With just her. Her plane goes "Vrrroooom!" and up in the sky! Like a bird.

I like birds. Do you like birds, Mommy? Birds are pretty. They can be yellow or red or purple or blue or green. Who ever heard of a black bird, Mommy? That's silly.

All the people are tall. All the grown ups are tall. Children and babies aren't tall, Mommy. They're small. But babies are littler than small like children are.

Children can't reach things high. If they stand on their beds they can reach things high. But that's not stable, so children can't do that. It's not good. That's bad children if they stand on their bed.

Oh! A bug, Mommy! That's the bug I'm saving for Mr. Mike. I don't eat bugs, Mommy! EEEEEWWWWW. Does Mr. Mike eat bugs? I don't think he does. Bugs are yucky.


So I have just one question in all of that. What in the world do you do, Kri Kri, that you get your VERY OWN PLANE to fly to Dallas in? Hmmmmm?????


Renee said...

That boy is just full of information, isn't he? It's so cool that you're writing all these down.

Kristen said...

Because I'm a WIENER ... that's why!

Sarah said...

He's a talkey one, huh?