Thursday, July 26, 2007

Disaster: Averted

Anthony has spent the last two days with his Nana, getting over a little summer cold with a nasty cough. Silly me, I didn't remember that today is Thursday; meaning: today is SHOW AND TELL DAY at school.

So, we're in the car when suddenly, from the back seat comes a sad little voice, "Mommy, what am I bringing for Show and Tell today?" Er. Um. Hmmm. I'm almost to his school, and have no desire to head back home to find something, anything, for Show and Tell.

I say, "Oh, Anthony. Mommy forgot that today is Thursday!" Crying ensues.

I'm wracking my brain, trying to think of something in the car that he can bring. Then it hits me! I'm reaching into the console, digging through the glove box. Looking for what I know is there...just hiding from me...GOT IT.

Thank you, Chuck E. Cheese. You saved the day. Three prize tickets and one game token later, and Anthony is excited about Show and Tell.

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Anonymous said...

My darling Laurie: A disappointed child is so very sad, but that is a part of life, I suppose. I know because I've dealt with six, some disappointments, I am sure, but many good times, too. I am glad little Anthony's day turned out o.k. Much love to you and your little family. Gram