Saturday, July 28, 2007

On Being Anthony's Mom

One of my favorite things to do is watch Anthony fall asleep. He's not one to give in to sleep easily...for the most part. But once he is asleep, he is deeply asleep.

The first thing Anthony must do, in order to fall asleep, is achieve the perfect position for restfulness. This may take a few minutes (he is his father's child, after all), but usually he ends up in the same position he started in: on his back, leaning slightly into his left arm, right arm up and curled behind his head.

The second step in Anthony's sleep process is to position George just so. George must be facing Anthony, tucked under Anthony's left arm and smooshed just up under Anthony's chin.

Third, Anthony finally closes his eyes. He gives a little sigh and makes a humming noise. He smiles, like he's seeing something behind his eyelids that he really likes and sighs again.

After that, it's a matter of watching Anthony's eyebrows to tell when he's fully asleep. Anthony's eyebrows are one of the most expressive parts about him. They go up and down, move in, one moves up, then the's an interesting thing to watch. Once the eyebrows have officially stopped moving, you know Anthony is asleep.

It doesn't matter, at this point, what you do. I have been caught with Anthony laying on top of my arm and being fearful that I'll wake him when I go to move. As longs as Anthony's eyebrows have stopped moving, though, I know I don't have to worry.

It's fun, learning all these little things. It makes being Anthony's mom one of the best jobs I could have ever asked for.

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Renee said...

Awww . . I can just picture him. John M's eyebrows do funny things too!