Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stupid Knee, Revisited

I saw my orthopedist this afternoon and I got a cortisone shot. The physician said that my MRI is "mostly normal", and that the meniscus looks to be in OK (OK? Not good, great or perfect? Damn) shape. He did say he saw something else, but I don't remember what he said, and forgot to ask him. The cortisone shot (which hurt like hell and is making my knee feel all, well, squoogey) will hopefully alleviate the pain, and will stop the popping sensation in my knee. If it does not, then arthroscopic surgery is the next step.

I will see the orthopedist again on April 26 (dang! my birthday!) and we will discuss the next step (surgery or thank-god-it's-healed) then. If I need surgery, I will hopefully be able to schedule it for the following week so that I can have a month to rehab my knee before heading into my clinical rotation.

Stay tuned for updates on My Stupid Knee.

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