Sunday, October 08, 2006

Birthday!! Cake!!

Those two words have been the highlight of Anthony's weekend. Aunt Kri Kri (my sister) had a birthday on Friday, and we celebrated last night at my parents' house. From the moment he woke up yesterday morning, he's been singing "Happy Birthday" and asking when he was going to get cake. As soon as dinner was over last night, he said, "Now let's have some cake!" As soon as he got his piece, he went straight for the chocolate icing, and ate primarily around the edges of his piece so that he only got the chocolate icing and a little cake. Guess what his favorite "sweet" is???

Kri Kri and Anthony reading a book:
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Kri Kri going in for a snitch of Anthony's "honey":
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Kri Kri, Maw Maw Peck and Anthony checking out a birthday card:
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Kri Kri and chocolate lips trying to kiss Anthony (who kept saying "Ewww!"):
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Anthony now is asking, "When is MY birthday?" and "Is it MY birthday today?". I think he just wants the chocolate cake.

We had a great afternoon today. We played with some chalk outside on the driveway, Mark pushed Anthony on his swing, we played kickball in the front. Anthony should be good and worn out by bedtime! We also put together a new Elmo and Ernie puzzle, and played Memory and Anthony was SO GOOD at it. We played with about five pairs, and with a little guidance, he was able to remember where the cards were, and find the pairs!

We had a great weekend!

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Renee said...

Glad y'all had a good day and that Anthony is loving birthdays. John is quite fond of them too.