Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boring Update

There is almost nothing interesting going on in our household. Here's the rundown of recent events:

School's been out for a week now. I think I made As in all of my classes, but will have to wait until the grades are mailed to know for sure. I've got a little over a week left to my break and I'm using my time wisely (meaning taking a nap every day, cleaning a little here and there, and reading fluff books).

Anthony is moving into the young three-year old program at school next week. He would move Monday, but I'm keeping him home that day because he has pre-op blood work and a visit to his pediatrician that morning. His surgery is scheduled for first thing on Thursday, August 17th. Potty training is going, but not well. He sits on the potty, but won't go (unless you pour warm water on his stomach, but what's the point?). He always tells me after he's dirtied his diaper that he wants to sit on the potty. I don't know how to get him to understand that he needs to tell me BEFORE. I'm going to try positive rewarding. It worked with the hitting issue! I told him that if he didn't hit at school, we would play Play-Doh in the evening. So far the bribes, er, positive rewards have worked!

Mark is doing well. One of our hard drives crashed, and he worked at recovering the files, but it seems they're lost forever. Thankfully we didn't lose much information (my summer files, which were important to me, but I hope to be able to recover some of those from a professor). I don't think we lost too many pictures. We're going to implement a better back-up system once Mark gets all of the computer stuff (can you tell I'm not so computer savvy?) up and running again.

I leave tomorrow for my 48-hour jaunt in Tampa. I can't wait to meet Lisa and Stacy . Of course, the recent terror threats have put a small damper on my flying: I'll actually have to check luggage now. Poor me. :)

I told you life was boring here!

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