Monday, November 14, 2005

Slightly Sick

You wouldn't know it from looking at him but Anthony has been running a fever off and on since last night. We were at my parents' house, and I noticed that his back felt pretty warm. It didn't really concern me because he was so playful! My mom, dad and I sat on the floor with Anthony for at least 15 minutes rolling and throwing a ball back and forth. Every time my mom or dad would throw the ball at us (I was sitting with Anthony), Anthony would fall out in great big two year old belly laughs (is there a better sound than that? TELL ME IF THERE IS). A few times I would take his hands, hold the ball with him and help him to throw the ball to either my mom or dad. We taught him how to roll the ball (I can't believe he didn't know how to, but he didn't) and he enjoyed throwing it and shouting "Bawww!" (Ball).

When we got home, Mark took Anthony to the bathroom for a quick bath. He decided to take Anthony's temperature before putting him in the warm water, and his temp was 101! Tylenol, a quick bath and pajamas...Anthony was off to bed.

We got up at 11:30 (we were asleep!) and 3:30 to check his temperature. He had no fever at 11:30 and was back up to 101 at 3:30. Since then his fever hasn't topped 99.0. We've given him Tylenol once this afternoon/evening so far, just to keep the fever at bay.

Like I said in the beginning of the post...if you didn't know he had fever, you'd think he was perfectly fine. He has been a true two year old today. Anything and everything that he could touch, lick, sniff, eat or try to eat has been done. He's running and jumping, climbing and jumping, spinning and jumping, eating and jumping...get the picture? Just try telling the kid that when he's got a fever he shouldn't be over exerting himself.

Say a quick prayer that this fever thing is over quickly!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Sunday, November 20: ANTHONY WILL BE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Renee said...

I'll say a prayer for him. My little one has been sick too; he has some kind of stomach virus. Always something, huh?

Sarah said...

Prayers being said for Anthony.