Thursday, November 17, 2005

Party On!


Thankfully, Anthony's fever only lasted through Monday afternoon, and it was a low one at that. He's been back to day care since Tuesday and is enjoying his 2 year old classroom. It's a smaller group of kids, and he's one of the youngest in there! It's funny to see him in the classroom now, because all of the kids he's with look so much older and that makes him look like a little baby again! In the toddler class, he was the "big kid" and looked it! Many of the kids in his 2 year old class are talking, some in full sentences. I'm glad he's getting exposure to kids talking and using language often. I hope it will help with his own speech.

Mark's got a fever today, so he's in bed dosed up on Tylenol. Here's hoping I'm not next!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Thursday: day care and NANA AND GRANDPA COME BACK TODAY!!!
Friday: a day at home with Speech Therapy in the morning
Saturday: Mia's birthday party
Sunday: Anthony turns TWO! Oh, and his party, too. :)
Monday: Anthony gets his booster flu shot :(

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Patsy said...

Hello Laurie, Mark and Master Anthony. How do I begin to catch up on almost 3 months of missed Blogs. I just resurfaced back to the sight Post K (Katrina) I had a Pre K life and a Post K life. I can't believe all I have missed in Anthony's life. He is such a BIG boy!!! I love the new pictures, and the colorful table for his early birthday present is great!!!
I promise to check back ever so often and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. David and I are living in our FEMA trailer as of this past Sunday. We are doing good. Give Anthony, Mark and Yourself a big hug from us.
Patsy, David, David Allen and Julie!