Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans and all surrounding areas are evacuating. We're safe here, so we're not moving. A lot of family is from New Orleans, though, and I'm sure they're getting out by the car load.

Katrina is purported to be bringing all kinds of devastation with her power. I'm hoping our friendly weathermen are wrong. New Orleans can't handle huge dumpings of rain, and that's what is about to happen here.

Please keep my family in your prayers. The ones in New Orleans are leaving, not knowing what they'll return to. I'm sure that has to be a pretty scary feeling.

Love, Laurie

Random Laurie Fact: This is the first time I can recall being aggravated that a hurricane was coming. In college we'd get excited at the thought, and go buy all kinds of alcohol. Now my first thought was, "Damn! Class is going to be canceled." Weird growing up, you know?


Sarah said...

Prayers being said for you family, and everyone effected by this hurricane.

Aimee P. said...

Hope you and your family stay safe. We are worried about R's grandmother, Gandhi, who is staying in N.O. with one of her sons. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers also.