Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Pictures Part One

Keep in mind that we're in Baton Rouge and just getting the heavy rains and low wind gusts. So this is not going to be an indicator of what New Orleans and the surrounding areas looks like. Mark said that they clocked wind gusts up to 31 mph on the levee here in Baton Rouge this morning. That's REALLY low comparatively speaking.

Anyway, here are two pictures. One Mark took standing in the street this morning (you can see Anthony and me in the garage). The second is our back fence. Our neighbors over the fence lost at least two banana trees into our yard. There are tiny little bananas on there!

I checked the rain gauge in the front yard, and it says 1.5 inches so far!

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Check back later. If we have power, I'll keep blogging pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear that the strongest part of the storm missed you! Hoping you are all safe and dry,

Terry Josephson, Julianna Banana's dad