Friday, August 26, 2005

100 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am about 5'11" tall.
2. I am the shortest of my siblings.
3. By maybe 1/2".
4. I love to sing.
5. But not in the shower.
6. I don't like watching the news.
7. I don't read the newspaper, either.
8. Except for the Comics and the coupon ads.
9. I wear a size 11 shoe.
10. I still call my father "Daddy".
11. My mother is "Mama".
12. I hate to garden.
13. I hate to clean.
14. My house is messy, but it's usually clean.
15. I don't know how to decorate.
16. I love Baby Einstein videos.
17. My first born is named after two of his great-grandfathers.
18. Everyone thinks I handled Anthony's health issues and liver transplant well.
19. I think I didn't do so great at it.
20. Mark and I met in high school, but barely knew each other.
21. We met again in History class at LSU.
22. I didn't EVER want to get married around another important date.
23. I got married two days after my birthday.
24. Two of the people I call "best friends" are women I have never met.
25. I love family reunions.
26. I use Excel to track all kinds of things: lists, money, gas mileage, Anthony's lab work.
27. I like to drive in the rain.
28. I like to sleep in the car on road trips.
29. I don't take naps very well.
30. It's hard to get me motivated.
31. I yell when I get frustrated/angry.
32. People who yell scare me.
33. I hate my hair color.
34. So I dye it.
35. I have terrible vision.
36. I want to bleach my teeth.
37. I used to smoke.
38. People who smoke make me angry.
39. I don't like critical people.
40. I'm sometimes critical myself.
41. I meet with a counsellor twice a month to talk about the things I don't like about me.
42. In the past year, I finally started getting something out of going to Church.
43. I'm Catholic, but wasn't always sure that's what I wanted to be.
44. I admire people who are strong in their faith.
45. I am a stress eater.
46. I eat a lot.
47. I'm trying an experiment where I drink water when I feel hungry between meals.
48. It sometimes works.
49. I'm not always a good mother.
50. I love Alan Rickman , Sean Connery and Alton Brown .
51. I sometimes take Tylenol PM to help me sleep.
52. My labor and delivery with Anthony should go down in the books as the easiest ever.
53. My epidural didn't hurt like people said it would.
54. I hate hospitals.
55. I enjoyed working in the health insurance industry.
56. If I'm not happy with the service I receive somewhere, I write a letter to the owner/manager/director.
57. If I'm pleased with the service I receive somewhere, I write a letter to the owner/manager/director.
58. I've gotten a lot of coupons/discounts by doing #s 56 & 57.
59. I like praise.
60. I take criticism better than I used to.
61. But I still don't take criticism well.
62. I still rock Anthony to sleep.
63. I love my husband with an intesity that scares me.
64. Ditto with Anthony.
65. I don't like to be interrupted.
66. People who chew with their mouths open REALLY piss me off.
67. I have way too many pet peeves.
68. I'm a registered Republican, but have voted Democrat a lot.
69. People who don't respect my right to be a Republican and the fact that I can still be an intelligent human while BEING a Republican piss me off.
70. Until I got married, I voted what my Daddy voted for.
71. Mark almost didn't marry me because of that.
72. I'm joking about # 71.
73. Or am I?
74. I tell people I like my hair long and then go the next day to get it cut off.
75. I change my mind a lot.
76. No I don't.
77. My favorite vacation is the weekend we spend at my Uncle Paul's each 4th of July.
78. I've been to Hawaii.
79. I flew first class to Hawaii.
80. On my honeymoon!
81. I cried standing over the USS Arizona at the Pearl Harbor museum.
82. I've been to Yellowstone National Park .
83. I would love to live near Yellowstone.
84. Or in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
85. I hate snow.
86. I have only seen LOTS of snow in Omaha, Nebraska.
87. I think that's why I hate it.
88. I am constantly worried that Anthony will need another liver transplant in the future.
89. My son is my hero.
90. I can't wait to have another baby.
91. I loved being pregnant.
92. Even with the ALL DAY sickness I had for EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS.
93. Anthony is my "easy" baby.
94. The next one will be JUST LIKE ME.
95. I'm more afraid of that than Anthony needing another transplant.
96. I have a cat.
97. She's for sale.
98. Not really, but I wish she was.
99. I like making lists.
100. I really like completing lists.


Anonymous said...

Funny, the older we get the more we realize who we are and become more comfortable with ourselves. E

Andree said...

Was this a homework assignment?

Laurie said...

Nope. I was just was taking a break from studying this morning and wanted something to blog!

I'm thinking about adding a "Random Thing About Laurie" section to my blog...

Mel said...

I have been reading your site for forever and never ever left a comment, but this time I just had to. This is one of my favorite postings ever. You were describing me just perfectly!
I think a section about yourself would be great!!
Hope Anthony is having fun with his aunt Mimi on her birthday!

Lisa :-) said...

Umm Alton Brown. Seriously Laurie he is a BIG DORK. Let it go.. move to the dark side.. BRAD PITT..