Friday, August 12, 2005


So, I've been thinking more about Anthony's story, and how I'd like to make it available for my three whole readers. :)

Last night, I was going through the emails that either Mark or I sent out from the time Anthony was born. Here's what I DO NOT have (and I am so ashamed!).

I cannot find a SINGLE email from March 6/7th-March 13/14th! And since that was the timespan in which Anthony's liver failed and the transplant took place, I'm thinking it might be a good idea if I had those. Seriously, I don't remember too much about the day of Anthony's transplant other than sitting in the waiting area and playing cards with my mom. HORRIBLE.

I also don't have much from the first few weeks of Anthony's life. And truly, I couldn't tell you much about that week we spent in the hospital. I look back now, and when a "new" mom to CLASS asks what is the most important thing she needs to help her cope with everything, my advice is: a NOTEBOOK. Write it all down. I didn't then. I couldn't even tell you the exact date Anthony went in for his liver biopsy (although I know he was only about a week old), I couldn't tell you what I did that week (other than pump breast milk like I was a cow), and I don't remember if we came home on a Monday or a Tuesday. That first week of Anthony's life is such a blur for me. Did we even send out emails during that time? Please help!

So! If you have any emails from me during that time, will you send them to me? I know that I have them printed out in a book that a cousin made for me, but if you have it electronically I wouldn't have to re-type it all. Andree, I know you're the queen, so I'm hoping if no one else has it, then you will!




Colleen said...

Oh Laurie,
I can't help you with this search but I just want you to know that my thoughts are always with Anthony and all the other kids with liver disease. I often look back when Sarah was sick and going in and out of the hosptial so much now much of those days are a blur to me too. Yes I also recomend a notebook. Like you I wish I had kept better track of dates and things. Sometimes we need the painful memories right along with the happy ones to remind us of just how precious life is.
I recomend that parents take lots and lots of pictures too. Once a mom told me that she was going to wait until her child was better to take them for pictures. Where would I have been if I had waited.
All I have left of Sarah now are memories and shoeboxes full of pictures. I had a second harddrive put in my computer just to store pictures.
God bless you Laurie and all the other moms out there.

Heartmom said...

Add one more to your readers list! I so enjoy reading your story!

Best of luck getting those emails.