Saturday, August 13, 2005

At The Pool

Our neighborhood has a pool that we have VERY infrequently used. I think I went zero times the first year we lived here, twice last summer and once this summer (today). The water was pretty warm today, and we didn't stay out too long. Anthony missed his nap earlier, and got tired pretty quickly out at the pool. Thought I'd share some cute pics Mark got, though!

Ummmm...I don't think I want to put my feet in.
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OK, so maybe I will.
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YOU get my toy, Mommy.
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There's my seal!
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Oh, no! It's going to get me!!!
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And one completely unrelated to the previous sequence:
Cute, wrinkly, Anthony belly
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Sarah said...

great pictures Laurie! It helps that Anthony is just so darned cute!

Marisa said...

Hope you had fun at the pool Anthony! Tell your Mom you want to go again tomorrow. :O)

danette said...

what a cutie!! We love you anthony!!

Andree said...

Love to see his pictures - getting so cute. It was a hot one on Saturday so that pool looks very inviting.