Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Don't forget to check below...I posted this afternoon. I just wanted to put these pictures up because, well, he's one of the cutest 20-month olds I know!

"Resting" on Daddy's Red Wings pillow:
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Playing with my Leap Start Learning Table:
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Reading the "Tickle Time, Peter Rabbit" book my Aunt Kristen gave me (I love pressing the button and making the rabbit giggle...I fall over laughing EVERY TIME I do it!):
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Mommy's personal favorite; Anthony doing the sign for "more", his most favorite sign of all:
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Andree said...

You're absolutely right - he is the most precious 20 month old!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go wings. I'm glad Anthony is starting out right. You can never be to young to be a Red Wings fan. (Can you tell I'm from Detroit?) He is a doll, and looking great. e