Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Exciting New Things!

There are some wonderful things going on in our little family! (I AM NOT PREGNANT) Some I can reveal now...others you'll just have to sit in suspense about.

First and foremost: I am going to be a student at college again! I have been accepted to Our Lady of the Lake College , and will study Clinical Laboratory Sciences. If I can get all of my general education requirements out of the way before the fall of 2006, I will enter the Bachelor's Program and be finished within another 18 months. This will allow me to work in a medical lab as a technician and/or an administrator. I'm really excited (and nervous!) to be going back to school!!

Second: Anthony is 20 months old today! I can't believe my baby boy is almost 2. He's changing so much each day. As we were leaving our neighborhood the other day, Anthony saw a billboard with a cow on it. From the backseat, I heard a VERY loud "MOO!" (minus the "m", but definitely a cow sound). I looked around and Anthony was pointing at the billboard and "mooing". I laughed so hard!

The growth spurt is surely on it's way. Anthony's been eating more and more and more and sleeping more (notice the only one "more" here). His appetite has at least doubled itself in the past week. Over the weekend, whenever he was awake, he was eating. Pancakes, Cheerios, Chicken Noodle soup, Cheerios, Yogurt, Cookies, Cheerios, Eggos, Spaghetti and Meatsauce, Cheerios, Yogurt and a few more Cheerios were on the menu Saturday & Sunday.

Day Care is still going well...we've made the two days so far this week, and he's back there again this morning. He's still crying when I drop him off but he stops pretty quickly after I leave the room. I've hovered outside the door a few times and he seems happy to be with the other kids (as long as I'm not there). The teachers there are just so wonderful with all of the kids. I'm so glad that we've found a place like that so close to our home.

That's all for now!! Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Nothing anytime soon!
August 1st: Labs and a visit to the ENT
August 5: a trip to the beach if there's no hurricane!


Sarah said...

Good luck with going back to school! If I didn't have my heart set on staying home with all three girls I would want to go back to school to be a nurse. After taking care of Anna when she was sick, I feel that I would have a good start.
Anyway, let that boy keep on eating! When he gets to age three you will have to force him to eat. Sometimes I feel good when I get Anna to have just a couple bites of her meals. They get picky.

Andree said...

Congratulations on your return to school - so you want to be a lab technician when you grow up!!!! And my guess on the "other news" you can't tell right now, is that someone getting married? Am I getting warm? Love to all - Andree'

Moreena said...

Congratulations on going back to school! That sounds great.

I love the pictures of Anthony. I think he's starting to look really long (the picture on the RedWings pillow in particular).