Monday, July 11, 2005

Ear Infection? Unlikely, But Possible

And since it's possible, Anthony decided that an ear infection in his left ear would be a good idea. Ha! So we're back on Augmentin for 10 days and hope that it's gone then. We'll keep our July 20th appointment with the ENT and have her look at his ears to make sure the infection is gone.

Because of the fever, Anthony is enjoying the day with his Maw Maw and Maw Maw Peck. Hopefully he'll get to go back to day care one day this week. I think he'll spend tomorrow with his Nana, and then if he's fever free all day tomorrow I'll take him back to day care on Wednesday. Keep those fingers crossed!!

Labs are in (finally!!) and everything looks fine. I've come to realize that there can be good that comes out of getting labs frequently. Well, more good than just knowing that Anthony's liver is happy. There is an enzyme (Alkaline Phosphatase) that is produced in the bone marrow and liver. If the level goes up at the same time the other liver functions go up, you know that you're dealing with something liver related. If this level goes up by itself, you're pretty well betting on a growth spurt sometime in the near future. Well, Anthony's went from 217 on June 27th to 4770 (!) today. But all of his other liver functions are back down into the normal ranges! So a growth spurt should be on the horizon for my young man. I just put away some of his 12-month shorts (and he's 19 months old!), so this is good news!!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony


Andree said...

Not very good to be sick during a hurricane - hope ya'll faired out OK - all OK here in New Orleans - no hurricane holiday!!! Hope Anthony gets over the ear infection real soon - have been enjoying reading about Anthony on a daily basis. Love to all your family - new baby below belongs to whom? Mark's brother?

Colleen said...

Hope you survived the Hurricane and all is well.