Sunday, July 10, 2005


Anthony's fever reached 103.2 tonight, so Mark and I took him to the ER again. He also has a little crust around the inner part of his right ear (infection?). We waited an hour and a half and never got seen. When we realized that his fever had dropped almost two degrees, we took him home figuring we're headed to the pediatrician for 8:00-ish tomorrow morning, anyway.

So we'll monitor him every few hours during the night, give him Tylenol every four hours and pray for the best.

We're doing labs tomorrow morning at 7:30, and then we'll wander across the hall to Dr. P's office. Hopefully we'll be able to get one of his first-of-the-morning, last minute appointments. If not, I'll schedule one then and take Anthony home to wait for his turn.

I'll update more tomorrow when I know something. For now Anthony is sleeping peacefully in his bed, and I'm gearing up for a long, wakeful night.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

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Sarah said...

Prayers for Anthony. Poor little guy. Didn't he just get a set of ear tubes? I know that you can still get an ear infection after you get ear tubes, but come on, he just had them put in! Stay strong little man!