Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Poor Baby...

So Anthony went back to day care today. He kept making little sad faces all the way to day care; and the sobs he produced when we got out of the car? Oh, my aching heart! When I handed him over to his teacher, he said, "NO Mama!" Now, Anthony's not one to say sentences yet, so I think that was more of a fluke than anything, but it still broke my heart. When Ms. Jennifer took him from me, he laid his head down on her shoulder and cried! It took everything I had in me not to grab him from her and go back home. It stinks having to be responsible sometimes!

Nana picked him up this afternoon. He ate all of his breakfast and lunch and played hard during the day. This afternoon was Singing Time where the teachers help the kids sing different songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Where is Thumbkin?, etc). All of the children were standing in a group going through some of the motions, dancing or actually singing along. Anthony was sitting on a couch near the door, holding his stuffed animal Emerson, and crying little quiet tears. For some reason he always pulls away from the group when they do Singing Time. Any suggestions on why he does this? I'm so confused! He LOVES it when we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider at home!

Other than that, everything is fine in our little slice of the world. Anthony's been fever-free for almost 48 hours now, and the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick.

The ENT appointment was rescheduled to August 1st, but that's OK. Now that Anthony's on a 10-day course of antibiotics, I'd rather go to the ENT later. It will give him time to heal/build up another ear infection (please NO). I have a feeling we'll be seeing this ENT more frequently than we would like.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

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Anonymous said...

Hey, about the Itsy Bitsy Spider you think maybe it makes him think/miss you and Mark and that's why he gets sad during song time? Just a thought.
~Mary Anne