Thursday, June 16, 2005

We're Walking Our Way Back to Health...

Over the past two days, I think my mom and I have walked well over a mile with Anthony. Up and down the halls, all over the hospital, outside around the different name it, we've walked to it. At six am, noon, six pm and midnight, Anthony gets his infusions of antibiotics. On the 12s, he gets both Rocephin and Clindamycin. On the 6s, he gets just the Clindamycin. Each infusion is 30 minutes long, and they infuse the flush of saline, too, because Anthony really tastes the saline and it bothers him. So we walk through all but the midnight infusion. Any medical personnel who tells you that you can't taste the flush...well, send them our way. As soon as the saline is pushed into Anthony's IV, he brings his other hand to his mouth and cries. He smacks his lips and reaches for something to drink. And if he's sleeping, he wakes up and cries. So he can certainly taste it.

Anyway, there's been a bit of confusion between myself and the ENT team. I was told that there is 12 inches of packing in Anthony's wound, and that they were going to pull the packing 1 centimeter at a time. This, in my book, equals a little over 30 days to pull the packing. When I mentioned that to one of the ENTs yesterday, I was told that it's customary to pull the packing out over a five day period. So I mentioned (nicely and casually) that they might want to step up the amount they're pulling. Today they pulled a little over an inch. Today is day three of the pulling. By my estimation (because they HAVE been pulling more than a centimeter), there's still about 9-10 inches of packing left in. The resident this morning said he thinks two more pulls ought to do it, and that there probably isn't 9 inches left. Huh? My math's not GREAT, but I've been able to add and subtract for quite a few years now. I'm hoping the ENT who did Anthony's surgery will come in today so I can talk to him about it. Only he knows how much packing is really in there.

Anthony's eye is not swollen anymore, thank God. They started nose drops, a nose spray and ointment for his eye thinking he might have been having sinus issues. So on top of five ear drops in each ear, we've been putting two drops in each nostril, one spritz of Nasonex in each nostril, and a smear of ointment on his right eye. Thankfully the eye and nose regimen ends today. The ear drops we'll do for a while.

Before we leave, or perhaps on a return check up visit, the ENT team will make custom fit ear plugs for Anthony's ears. I was told that we will have to keep water out of both ears for about a year and a half and that the custom ear plugs will work the best. I guess as the ear plugs get too small we'll have to get more made. Thank God for insurance!!

Well, life here is boring but not at the same time. Anthony keeps us moving, and the adults are exhausted well before 8:00pm when Anthony goes down to sleep. I'm hoping naptime today will be like the 2 hours it was yesterday, and not like the hour it was on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be able to nap today!!

Please keep in your prayers a little girl named Becca. We met her parents in Omaha just as we were getting ready to come home. She received her liver/small bowel around New Years this year, and has been doing so well. The family has been back home in Seattle only a couple of weeks, and Becca is back in the hospital, fighting for her life. She has sepsis, and a few other issues going on right now. Please pray that Becca will fight this, and get back to good health quickly!

Thanks for checking in on us! I'll leave you with a cute picture of Anthony last night waiting patiently for his wagon ride.

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Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Is the end in sight? Will Anthony get to go home this weekend? STAY TUNED!!


Jennifer Pianalto said...

What a little fighter Anthony is. We all hope that he gets better and you are able to go home soon. Hospital stays with kids are not fun but you have become quite the expert on that. Good luck and hugs and kisses to you.

Jen, Aly and Madi

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor little dude. That eye looks SO much better. Hang in there, Anthony!

Stacy, Tanner, & Morgan

Anonymous said...

What a patient little patient waiting for his wagon ride. Sure hope you go home sooner rather than later. Check the math with the ENT doctor so you can manage your expectations. Love, Reyne

Colleen said...

I will certainly pray for Anthony and Little Becca. Oh what these kids go through in their short amount of years on earth. They have more strength than I can muster up.