Monday, June 13, 2005

Anthony: Round Two; DING!

Well, today was a good day. Anthony is in GREAT spirits (read: wearing me out with his energy) and is ready to play, play, play. In fact, here's a picture of us at "Animal Night" tonight. Anthony loves dogs, and was so ready to play with Sophie. Her size, however, intimidated him a little. So we just did pets and high-fives (that's a smart doggie!).

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Anthony's night started last night with a little bit of pain. I noticed that when he was finally asleep, he whimpered and grunted a little in his sleep. The resident had written the OK for him to have a dose of oral Morphine, so I chose to have that given to him. I'm not usually one for the heavy duty pain meds, but when it involves my baby and his pain management...well, I'm ready to do whatever it takes.

Anthony spent a good night sleeping after that, and woke at 5:40 ready to go. He woke me up by standing at the foot of his crib saying "Mama! Mama! Mama?" I was so tempted to tell him that his mother wouldn't arrive until at least 6:00, but I don't think he would have believed me anyway.

Margaret arrived mid-morning and Anthony was delighted to see her (as was I!). We've spent a good day playing, walking, walking, walking, walking, playing, walking, walking, walking and playing. Oh, and there was a 2.5 hour nap in there for Margaret and Anthony. I tried, but I'm not a nap person unless I'm EXHAUSTED. I guess I wasn't there yet. Believe me, I'm fast approaching that mark.

The one thing we did notice about Anthony was that his face and hands are swollen. His eyes and cheeks are both puffy, but the right is more so than the left. Another resident wrote orders for Benadryl to see if that might help. So far my feeling is that the swelling is no worse. I don't think it's better, but the resident seemed to think it was. What does he know, anyway? :) We'll keep an eye (sorry for the pun) on it and make sure it doesn't get worse.

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There was a plan to remove some of the packing from the wound behind Anthony's right ear today, but it never was done. I'm not sure why as I never heard back from the ENT department letting me know that they had planned on something different. I'm a little frustrated by the lack of communication between the doctors and myself, and I'll probably make a little noise about that tomorrow. Hopefully they'll get the idea without me having to be rude about it.

Also, Anthony's Prograf level was drawn early Sunday morning. The level came back a little high for him at 7.1, so we had another blood draw tonight. Hopefully a better level will come back tomorrow...

Well, that's all the news for now! I'll update again soon!

Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie - Just checking in to see how Anthony is doing. I am keeping him in my prayers and hope you all get out of the hospital soon!

Kim Faust

Lisa and Aiden said...

Oh man! This is no fun! Poor little guy. We are thinking about you all the time. I still am in shock. He looks so cute though on you lap, and you look so skinny! You go girl! Anyway, we are praying for you and Aiden even said, "God heal Antonies ear" It was very loving. SO from Aiden's lips to God's ear. Take care!! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

That poor eye - oh, poor little dude. Praying for a quick & restful week for both Mommy & Aiden!

Stacy & Tanner

Andree said...

Just checking in and reading all your news. Hope all goes well with the ear and that the swelling dissipates quickly. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Love to all of you and your families

Mika said...

Oh my, what a time you have had!!! Just checking out the new photos... poor baby.. Im so sorry you all had to go through this...

We will say a prayer for him tonight!!

much love from your CLASS friends

mika and Drew

Colleen said...

Just checking on Anthony, I remember when they brought the dogs in when Sarah was in she loved to see them. It is so nice they have people who will do that for kids. We also had a guy who came around the the childrens hospitals who sang kids songs on the guitar he often put on concerts for the kids and the ones who were to sick to go to the concert he went and did a private show in their rooms for them..

viks said...

Hi anthony, just sending lots of love to you,


Anonymous said...

Checking in on Anthony!! My prayers are again going strong!Give him a hug! Love and prayers from your cuz, Jane